Clemens Mulokozi

Clemens Mulozi is the founder from The Jambo Bukoba Charity.

I was born in Munich and moved to Tanzania, my father’s home country, at the age of five with my sister and my parents. He was a professor of chemistry and had studied in Munich in the 1960s where he met my German mother. I mainly lived in Tanzania until the age of 12. We moved seven times during this period.

„How lucky I had been in my formative years in Germany to have an environment conducive to education.“

I started viewing statistics on HIV/AIDS infections and orphans in Tanzania from a different perspective. I saw people, not numbers. Memories came flooding back. Of girls who were sent to fetch water with canisters every day who didn’t have time to study. Of children who are still taught today using books from the 50s. How lucky I had been in my formative years in Germany to have an environment conducive to education. It was clear that children in Tanzania didn’t have these opportunities. And therefore also didn’t have a chance to successfully be the masters of their own destinies later on. This is particularly true of girls.

60% of new HIV/AIDS infections occur in individuals between 15 and 24 years of age. The existing programmes and projects for better education, health and equality in Tanzania do not appear to truly reach children and young people.

A sweaty football jersey signed by Willy Sagnol compelled me to take action. A friend handed it me happily after a Champions League match with the words “Do something with this for your people!” It was during my time as the manager of sports sponsorship at HypoVereinsbank. I knew that I could really do something for Tanzania with a clever idea.


The Jambo Bukoba Foundation

Jambo Bukoba is a charity in Germany. It has 350 members. Since 2008 it uses sport  and games  to improve education, health and equal opportunity for children and adolescents in Tanzania.

Jambo Bukoba promotes education, health (through age-appropriate HIV/AIDS and hygiene education) and gender equality between the sexes. The organization’s concept was developed by the German Sport University Cologne and combines sport and games in the school curriculum with experiential education. The concept also fosters the involvement of teachers, parents and public life and improves the educational know-how of the teachers and school infrastructures. The aim is to support and empower children and young adolescents in their day-to-day school environment so that they have a better start in life and brighter prospects for the shaping and improvement of their own futures.

The German parent organization finances activities via membership fees and fundraising-activities. It also undertakes public relations, strategic planning, budgetary control and operational management with the cooperation of the project teams in Tanzania. Volunteers, full-time employees and Clemens Mulokozi carry out the daily work of Jambo Bukoba in Germany and Tanzania. In Germany, office administration costs are covered by corporate supporters and foundations in the form of material donations and services.

From the office in Bukoba, the Tanzanian subsidiary carries out projects throughout the Kagera region in the north-west of the country. These projects are built on three pillars: teacher development, sports competitions and school building projects.

  • Jambo Bukoba e.V. staff organizes teacher workshops in Tanzania. Attendees are trained in the Jambo Bukoba concept and the games specially developed by the German Sport University Cologne. Medical professionals are brought in to provide HIV/AIDS education. Furthermore, teachers are developed as multipliers

  • Open sports competitions featuring Jambo Bukoba games are run. Known as Bonanzas, the focus of these competitions is not on sporting performance but on gender parity, fair play and good team work. Four schools vie with each other in each district. A regional bonanza final is held once a year during which winning district schools compete. This is a major event for all participants with a fun and festive spirit of music and dance.

  • The school that triumphs in the regional Bonanza wins the opportunity to realize a school building project. The school decides on its most urgent construction requirements. Jambo Bukoba then contributes 75% to the overall project costs and the school provides the remaining 25% in the form of cash, work time or materials

  • Project „WASH“ (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) has donated water tanks for catching rainwater and hand-washing facilities including soap. It organizes sanitation workshops for teachers. Currently (Feb 2017) at 8 schools


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