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Joao Martins

MSF head of mission Joao Martins describes how a health emergency was brought under control in the city of Dondoin, northern Angola, where MSF teams are providing assistance.

Till Behnke

Till Behnke has developed an online marketplace for small donors and citizen organizations that provides transparency and allows users to judge the credibility and make informed donation choices.

Heidrun Mayer

Heidrun Mayer’s PAPILIO program teaches kindergarten children how to recognize and express emotions and preparing them to become active learners and successful students.

Mira Maier

Mira Maier is redefining Germany’s educational funding landscape by bringing transparency into the sector, making existing offers more efficient and opening new targeted funds and opportunities.

Silke Mader

Silke Mader and her team work towards improving newborn health and in particular towards providing high-quality treatment and care to preterm infants.

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